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Complete end-to-end coverage of the Blue Ridge Parkway, north Georgia, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park in a series of easy to fold pocket maps which show EVERY great ride in the mountains. I seek out the best two lane mountain back roads then show you the best ways and shortcuts to link them all together.

Hundreds of roads, thousands of riding miles feature outstanding mountain scenery and sites others miss, avoid traffic and congestion, bypass towns and cities, and put you on the roads you're looking for. Constantly updated to keep them current and accurate, I actively ride and monitor these roads on my motorcycle always looking for more.

I show out of the way gas stations, the best rides to reach destinations off the Blue Ridge Parkway, and give you the confidence and freedom to explore and discover wonders others never see. Descriptions help you choose from all the options - find just what you're looking for and have it at your fingertips. Easy to fold maps fit in your pocket so they are always handy. Great roads stand out in red, good connecting roads in blue. It couldn't be easier to have the best mountain motorcycle vacation ever!

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