Safety Tip Library

The content found on this website came from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Safety Tip Library. We hope you find these as helpful resources.

Should You Ride a Motorcycle?

Maybe you're not sure if riding a motorcycle is right for you, or maybe you feel confident of that already. Answering these questions may be a good indicator of what kind of rider you would be.


Riding in Groups

Riding in a large group changes the rules of the road a bit. Read over these helpful tips to keep everyone safe for a memorable and enjoyable ride. This article also provides helpful suggestions on what you should have with you for the ride.


Motorcycle Awareness Tips for Car and Truck Drivers

Very useful tips to share with your favorite four-wheeled drivers, or even a helpful note for "that guy" that did the exact opposite of what's outlined here. Either way, these pointers may save a life.


Riding With a Passenger

Here you'll find really useful tips not only for the motorcycle operator but for passengers as well. Nice checklists for preparation of your motorcycle, operation and for passengers.


Preventing Motorcycle Theft

Nothing's worse than coming outside to walk to your bike and realizing that it's gone. These do's and don'ts should help you avoid that terrible feeling of sadness and loss, and quite possibly save you money on therapy.


T-CLOCS Inspection Checklist

This printable PDF contains a list of standard inspection items for your motorcycle - Tires, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis, and Stands. Don't leave home without it!